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In the world of entertainment there are a wide variety of options available to choose from to satisfy an audience’s film & television appetites. However, there often seems to be a lack of viable, relatable, faith-based entertainment options of high production value and superior storytelling.

ARK7EVEN Entertainment’s streaming platform will offer its audience film and television programming built on a foundation of biblical principles that capture the authentic realities of Christian living with all of its challenges, trials, tribulations, and triumphs, while maintaining a high standard of entertainment value. ARK7EVEN will raise the bar and offer the best in faith-based television and faith-based films.

THE CALLING (Drama/Television Series) COMING SOON!

Seven ordinary individuals wake up the same morning to a life altering realization; they each have the supernatural God-given gift of healing. They can remove any sickness, disease, or addiction; they can even raise the dead, but when the forces of resistance and antagonism rise up to control or destroy the seven, including Lucifer himself and his demons, Gabriel the Archangel arrive with a band of God’s heavenly host to protect and guide the seven through their calling, and to help them understand the truth that… whom much is given, much is required.

ARCHANGEL (Drama/Action/Thriller Television Series) COMING SOON!

Charis, a never say die detective, is on the trail of a popular rising star in the world of business and politics. His charm and charisma mask a startling truth; he’s a monster and the head of an international crime syndicate.  When Michael the Archangel arrives he and Charis join forces in a fight for the soul of mankind. She knows her target is murderously ruthless. What she doesn’t know is that he’s being groomed to become something more heinous and evil: the Antichrist.

KID HALO (Comedy/Television) COMING SOON!

Zion has been around since the beginning of time and has seen it all. He watched Moses part the Red Sea, David face Goliath, and Jesus resurrected from the dead. Now, he’s in the body of a twelve-year old orphan. His assignment? Watch over and assist a family who operate a medical free clinic in a tough neighborhood. The good-hearted husband and wife doctor team who adopt him have their hands full running the clinic and raising two kids, but try hard to make him feel like one of the family. In the process, they run into problems and trip over their feel at every turn. Zion steps in to help, but faces challenges of his own as a kid caught in the middle in the middle of two new siblings, and an Angelic boss who’s in the position Zion thinks he deserved. It’s a situation that leads to many lessons learned and hilarious laughs along the way.

PAUL (Drama/Television Series) COMING SOON!

Paul Saulton has the number one radio show and podcast in the country; The Godless Hour. He delights in questioning God’s existence and ridiculing the church, its leaders and the bible. He has the stately charm of a prince and the flair of Frank Sinatra. He’s then toast of the town and has the world at his feet, until he meets the Lord, on the road to Damascus.  

ALEXSIS GOODSPEED and the TEARDROP OF GOD (Action/ Adventure/ Feature Film) COMING SOON!

Dr. Alexis Goodspeed is an archeologist who specializes in the excavation of biblical artifacts. Her father, an atheist, is dying brain cancer. Even on his deathbed he refuses to acknowledge God, which breaks her heart. In an effort to save his life and maybe even his soul, Alexis, and her partner, Ravi head off to find the Garden of Eden so that she can harvest dew from the Tree of Life, and face a flood of resistance and antagonism along the way. They encounter competing archeologists, conniving government bureaucrats and nefarious intelligence agencies, superstitious locals, and demonic forces from the spiritual realm.