ARK7EVEN is a community of like-minded artists and audience members, who thirst for, and appreciate high quality faith-based entertainment that inspires and motivates, is spiritually uplifting and enriching, while providing a rich, authentic viewing and/or reading experience.

ARK7EVEN produces and distributes biblically-inspired entertainment, including, faith-based television programming, faith-based novels, and faith-based movies. The majority of our productions and publishing revolve around fiction well-told, scripted tv dramas and comedies, and feature films across multiple genres.

Unlike much of the present faith-based entertainment offered in the marketplace that at times can be unrelatable and tepidly produced, ARK7EVEN will seek to raise the game by offering audiences high production value and the ultimate entertainment experience.


Reggie Cook and his wife, actress, Stacy Arnell

Mr. Cook is a published author, a screenwriter, playwright and business professional. His in-depth experience in the world of business, politics, and social affairs has nurtured a strong sense of empathy that stretches across a broad spectrum of class and culture. This knowledge and experience empower and allow him to transform the audience into preverbal “flies on the wall” on stage, screen, or page and transport them deep inside the human condition.

Mr. Cook has over thirty-five years of professional and entrepreneurial experience, including contract negotiation, sales and marketing, private equity financing and venture/investment capital through complicated deal and transaction structures, private placements, innovative business models, and creative financing methods.  His corporate experience includes the United States Air Force/Space Division, Procter and Gamble. IBM, and Prentice Hall Publishers. Mr. Cook has also distinguished himself in a series of entrepreneurial ventures before settling into his calling as a writer.

“Imagination and empathy are the lifeblood of my intellectual curiosity and creative process.  I am an explorer of the human experience and bring those experiences to life on the page. Fans of my work love to delve into the richness of meaningful life as I peel away the layers of façade and reveal truth, however painful it may be, so they can absorb fresh, cathartic perspectives on life, love, happiness, pain, and loss. A self-anointed history & sociology aficionado, I enjoy drawing readers deep into the life bending moments that bring clarity into an otherwise mysterious. confusing world.”

Regional Cook President/CEO/Founder